We Are Immortals

Lately I’ve been walking into some places, mostly bars and it got me thinking…where the hell am I? Just a few years back whenever I go out, actually everytime I go out, I would meet people I know. This is because I had a good network of friends, or so I thought. Now, I feel like Captain America, man out of time. It’s now full of younger people and I mean young. Also before when I used to go out, the people I see throwing up were older guys, now it’s kids almost half my age but that’s beside my whole point.

Now that I got into hosting, I never thought that I could be timeless. I never thought I could cater to different ages and type of crowd. I was actually hesitant at first, hosting weddings and debuts terrified me. Before I get booked with other types of events, I immediately have to find out who I’m dealing with to set my own expectations and strategy of approach. In weddings though, you get a good range of all ages and it would really move out of your comfort zone. Speaking in front of old, middle age, teens and children is a complicated feeling. You have to keep in control of your actions and words for different age groups.

My story here was that just recently, I handled my second debut celebration since 6years ago. I just thought I’d wing it since I shouldnt care too much if these young men and women will understand what Im saying, or at least laught at my joke because we are from different generations. The most surprising thing happend and the experience blew me away. I would always perform at 100%, nothing less but I wasnt prepared for the reaction I got from the audience. I dont know if it was the alcohol or they’re just really friendly but by the end of the program, people were giving me compliments and fist-bumps. These coming from different age groups. What was more amazing is that most of the kind words came from men. Bragging aside, I have tremendous appeal usually to the old to senior women. The next few days shocked me even more. The debutant sent me a text message thanking me for hosting and told me she enjoyed it so much. Her exact words were “you totally killed it”. I’m twice her age but I do get what that meant (hah!). I was totally taken aback and had to register that for a moment. I thought I was old school, too old for the younger crowd. I realize now that old school with the right approach is really cool.

What I like most about my job as an emcee is that I learn a lot about myself everytime and this helps me to grow better. The amount of effort I put in always pay me back three-fold in experience.

So my conclusion is, we all know that age is only in the mind, sometimes in the body if you let it slip but you can be eternally young as long AS YOU WANT. You are the master of your ship so you steer wherever you wish to head onto.

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