What is in a year?

An emotional, physical, mental and spiritual rollercoaster. It’s an everyday adventure. You meet and speak with different people, breathe different air everytime. An overall sensory experience.

Each year I get older, and my greatest takeaway from my life of 32 years is that I’ve wasted it in regrets. Last year, I took upon myself that I face my new year in a different perspective. I embraced my faults and weaknesses and strengthen all the good times with good memories. I make the most of every moment. I may not have had enough money to go places, do things, but I always walk away from moments with deep remembrance.

I have learned a couple of things to self-motivate. In my darkest times, the hardest challenges, you have to make choices. It is up to you to suffer or walk on. There were times I’ve dwelled but I made a choice to survive.

Each memory serves as a page of a book I learn from and These knowledge I’ve been happy to share.

To everyone who has been there for me, have stuck around because you know my worth, to the ones who have entrusted their emotions to me, to those who have had undying patience in waiting for me to learn and mature, to those whom I’ve hurt but have forgiven me, those people whom I may have neglected but are still seeing me through, to all the times I couldn’t show up and hangout with you and spend time….THANK YOU. From 32years and beyond, I give out my sincerest thanks and praises to everyone with (or even those who are not with) me for completing who I am.

Now Dear Lord, let’s get on with the next 32 years


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