From #weddinggigs to #weddingguest


We’ve all been to weddings and me, some more. When you step into my shoes, you’d think you’ve seen it all. A beautiful bride’s teary eyes walking down the aisle , a dashing groom’s too-wide smile, the bridesmaids holding each others’ hands smitten, the proud parents, the works.

From an emcee’s point of view, it seems all the same. It’s another wedding day. I got surprised that my reaction to this was different. I shared this moment with the celebrants, it was overwhelming. That blessed Saturday, i was not #thehost but a #weddingguest.

If you know what a host goes through during events, the chaos, the backstage clutter, the fast-pacing organizers, a never-ending backstage moment, you kind of lose-touch of what a wedding day feels like. On a normal day, I would accept a hosting job in a heartbeat, I love my role as an emcee but that Saturday, I wanted to be in the backseat for once. I have repeatedly called in the entourage, and of course the bride and groom but I never thought I’d be as excited being part of it, now that I’ve delved into the world of weddings and nuptials and however you may call it.

I’ve known most of my best friend Jr’s history and seeing him through this day made that extra special. And just as special, I’ve only met Hannah on that day because our schedules never met, nonetheless, I am very glad to know how happy they make each other. On a side note, being in an 4 all-men click, we weren’t really as fond of taking our photos together unless it’s a very special occasion. It made me/ us realize how much time we’ve lost and all the best memories of moments that passed that we never got to record we’ll never recover…

So going back to this wedding…

You know those same-day edit videos that they show during the reception? I always thought the smiles on the takes are just fabricated by the photographer/director. I was (and glad to be) very wrong. The smiles that come out may have been induced by the photographers but what comes out are real moments, real emotions, and shared happiness that radiates toward the viewers. I can’t explain it either but you can only understand it once you’re there. You can just be that happy for your friends about to get married.

IMG_0082There were 4 tomcats, Francis, Cuki, Jr (the recent groom) and myself. We’re now down to Francis and I and we can’t wait for the next big event that will bring us together as men and wives.

IMG_0087To Hannah, you are wonderful. Your energy is beautiful. You have good, loving and supportive friends and family which is always the best to feel like home when you start a good family. We may have spoken very few times and have seen each other only once but I can get a person during their best and worst times. I’ve seen the best (and happiest) and I do not wish to know the worst. To Jr, “tsong”…you’ve been around when I needed you guys and you’re always ready to support. You may not know how to dance but you’ve done it for your bride so I’m guessing it’s a win-win for everyone. Do not let your fear of feathery friends come between you and your wife, it just takes some thick clothing and probably a stick to get rid of them. You’ve proven to do your best when you put your mind into it so I’m sure you’ll make a great husband and father. Always hold your head up high…why…no comment on that.

An Emcees role is to lead everyone to the program. Let God be your Emcee and let Him lead the way. I totally enjoyed being in your entourage as much as I do hosting on other days. Congratulations and I’m always here for you both.

I would have loved being your host but why ruin an already perfect wedding? No regrets there.

. Congratulations and I’m always here for you both. p.s. I would have loved to be your host but why ruin an already perfect wedding? No regrets there.

JR and Hannah by Nicolai Melicor

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