When your fiancée pops the question and you answer with a “yes”, what do you think will be the first few things that will come to mind? Where to get married, who to invite, how the gown will look like…but one of the biggest question is, and this goes for both the bride and groom, “how do I fit into my gown / suit?”

Normally when you get married, you start planning a year (sometimes more) ahead. You would often start fitting stuff about 6 months ahead just so you have a lot of time to adjust or probably lose weight. Ideally, it’s easier to adjust into a loose gown or suit rather than adding more cloth. So how do you fit into it?

There are a number of ways you can do that, but what I’m about to suggest here is the best way to go. It may not be easy or cheap but at least, you have an idea more or less on what to do.

First and foremost, SKIPPING MEALS is an old myth that has no truth or benefit. Please do not short-cut your way to losing the last few pounds or inches. Most likely, it will not benefit you in the long run and will make it harder to maintain as you near your wedding day. Some people call it “dieting”, it is definitely not. Dieting is eating the proper portion of a balanced diet at specific times of the day with the proper nutrient and calorie count. It is more than just not eating. Skipping meals is often seen as an attractive way to lose weight. Unfortunately, the side effects of skipping meals are much more serious than any potential benefits. Some consequences of skipping meals can include promoting the development of diabetes, inadequate nutrition, and drastically altering the way that your body digests food. (content lifted from http://www.fitday.com).

Here are the consequences to skipping meals or not eating properly:


Blood Sugar Drops and Spikes

One of the most important reasons that skipping meals is unhealthy is due to the effect this has on your blood sugar. When you eat a meal, your body breaks up the food. Some of this food is stored as fat, while other parts of it enter your bloodstream as sugar, and work to give you energy throughout the day. When you skip a meal, your blood sugar drops dramatically. This not only can make you feel sluggish and tired, but it can also wreak havoc with insulin in your body. If you chronically skip meals, you can be setting yourself up for the development of diabetes later in life.

Inadequate Nutrition

Another important reason skipping meals is unhealthy is due to the fact that you are more than likely not receiving adequate nutrition. Eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats helps not only to make sure that your body functions properly, but can also help in the treatment and prevention of some serious conditions. Some conditions that can be improved with proper nutrition include cardiovascular disease, strokes, and some types of cancer. You may believe that you can skip meals and still meet optimal nutrition by supplementing your diet with multivitamins. And while multivitamins do have their place, research has shown that these pills aren’t as effective as real food at providing your body with what it needs. For good health, try to eat as naturally as possible.

Altered Metabolism

You typically skip meals for two main reasons. One, you are ultra busy and don’t have enough time to grab a quick snack, or two, you are trying to lose weight. If you are one of the people who are trying to lose weight, you may be actually sabotaging yourself by skipping meals. When you eat, your metabolism, which is one of your body’s functions, works to break the food down into smaller, usable parts. When you skip a meal, your metabolism has nothing to do. In a way, your metabolism is like a muscle. You must use it, or you will “lose it.” When your metabolism does not have to work to break down food, it begins to slow down. Then, the next time you do actually eat something, your metabolism is not able to break the food down as quickly, and as a result the food is stored as fat. Therefore, to maintain a healthy weight (or even lose weight), it is essential that you eat regularly throughout the day. Recent research has found that five to seven small, regularly timed meals eaten over the course of a day works best when trying to maintain a healthy weight.

For those couples that have more time and money at their disposal, the faster approach would be to exercise. This goes without saying that it should be a regular on your to do list. If you have the budget for a fitness center with a personal trainer, then by all means go for it! But for those who do not have the basic requirements (time and money), let me give you a little kick-start before you move onto the more complicated workouts.

You need to start with complex movements. The more muscle group you engage, the more calories or fat you burn. The more muscle you work out, the stronger you get, the better you will be able to do the exercises therefore, progress. Too technical? Let’s put it this way…you know how you feel the burn with picking up a slightly heavy box and moving it to another place? It’s like that. This movement engages your legs, back and arms blasting your heart-rate to what seems like a gazillion pumps per second.

Same concept with these exercises. Do these at least 3-4x a week and by your second month, you’re ready to do more cardio or possibly weight lifting. Let’s start with these simple exercises (I say simple but I’m pretty sure you’d be throwing a boot at me afterwards). If you’re a dude reading this, I’d bet you think this is a wimpy exercise. Let’s see you complete this without blasting your heart rate.


1. Burpees – do this for 15 repetitions in proper form.

  • On plank position, make sure your back is straight, flex your abs and your glutes (butt)
  • Jump as high as you can.
  • Don’t forget to breathe in from your nose, breathe out through the mouth.

mountain_climbers2. Mountain Climbers – do this for 15 reps (both legs)

  • Engage your abs at all times
  • Make the movement snappy and as if you are climbing

0904-lunge-jumps_03.  Jumping Lunges – do this for 15 reps (both legs)

  • Lunge as low as your thighs are 90-degrees, parallel to the floor
  • Explode when you jump up. The jump is the most important part of the exercise.
  • Be careful and avoid hitting your knee on the floor on your way down.

If you’re not yet burning up and you feel you can still move, try doing push-ups or crunches after the jumping lunges before moving on to the last set. Do this for about 3 weeks 3-4 times a week before trying harder exercises or weightlifting. Chances are, if you survive these, you’ll love yourself after 3 weeks because you are more agile, your appetite is less but you feel stronger and more alive than ever.

Lastly, you may want to take this last part of advice, or you may not. It depends on how eager you are to lose those calories to fit into your gown. All these compliment each other to get to your goals faster. You might not notice that you’ll be 2-3 dress sizes smaller by the time you do your final adjustments. This part of losing weight is supplementing. After a rigorous workout (if you already call it that), you will be depleted of your already-lacking nutrients. These nutrients are essential for metabolism and your muscle growth. Note that muscles eat fats from calories and this turns to energy. The more developed your muscles are (and I don’t mean developed as Arnold Schwarzenegger), the better your metabolism will get and the faster you burn fats. Please forget the old saying that drinking supplements will make you bulky and all edgy with muscles. Please. When you see yourself with shape, I’m going to bet a million dollars (which I don’t really have) that you’ll go for more definition because you finally realized you have and can achieve it. Here are some supplements to start with:

1. Whey protein – while this is available in most food, the commercial ones will give you a more focused and concentrated effect. None of the waste. You can find it in eggs, beef, some beans and nuts (not too much though), and some vegetables. Whey protein will not turn you into Ronda Rousey because she trains very differently than those measly burpees. The heavier weights you lift with proper timing and use will give you the physique that you’re avoiding. So unless you can bench press 200lbs in 2 months, you will not grow lady-pectorals (chest muscle) anytime soon. Use this post workout and half serving before you sleep (because resting is the time where muscles and cells repair, good to have more protein when you do)

2. Fat Burners – there are fat burners that are less intense than for men. If you don’t feel comfortable buying this, you can start with a cup of black coffee (not the instant ones) to jolt your body and kick-start your heart rate. Fat burners work the same way and helps you squeeze out excess water in your body. By the end of your workout, be sure to re-hydrate with at least a liter of water (not juice, not soda, not even gatorade). Anything with Carnitine will help the fat burning process better as it is natural in your body and the capsules will just jack up your nutrient needs for better metabolization.

4. Vitamins – choose ones that fit you. Iron is good but not too much. It relieves you of the stress but not take this during the workout period. Take it the next day when your muscles are sore and shocked. I heard Vit C, D, E, potassium and some others are okay too. You may Google this further as I’m not a doctor and wouldn’t really just recommend anything.

1491698_772850829415312_3983798927790956183_nSo these are a few suggestions you might take into consideration when you start planning your wedding. I am into fitness myself although the belt has tightened in the last few months without exercise but this coming April and May will be training days for me with Muay Thai kickboxing, a discipline I chose that is both effective in combat / self-defense as well as fitness. If you would like to know more about this, let’s talk about it. Drop me a line and I can even train you myself at Elorde Sucat, Paranaque.

You are what you do to meet your goals. The less effort you put into something will yield the same result. My last advice is invest in your body. Your wedding may be the last time you see yourself fit. Make it memorable.

Filipinos are known as great English-speaking people. Ruled previously by different races, we still ended up Americanized in so many ways. We don’t use English as our first language definitely but even the uneducated has been so influenced by media that it’s less of a challenge. On the other hand, there are still a few kinks they need to fix.

With the birth of social media, people got more influenced with peers. English being a universal language and a measure of social status, the different social classes speak up and share their thoughts on various things online, sometimes going a little too far in “trying hard” to cope with the pressure of the status quo.

Here are some lines I got from the internet that are usually and commonly used incorrectly:

“Get the most of both worlds.”
“Well well well. Look do we have here!”
“One of these days is not like the other.”
“Can you repeat it once again?”
“Mukhang haggard-looking.”
“Do you have more brighter ideas?”
“Let’s give them a big hand of applause.”
“You want to have your cake and bake it too.”
“The more the manyer.”
“So… what’s a beautiful girl like you?…

“It’s a no-win-win situation.”
“Hello, my boss is out of town. Would you like to wait”
“What happened after the erection of Mayon Volcano?”
“That’s what I’m talking about it.”
“What are friends are for?”
“Burn the bridge when you get there.”
“What is the world is coming to?”
“You’re barking at the wrong dog.”
“Anulled and void.”
“Mute and academic.”
“Base-to-base casis.”
“My answers have been prayered.”
“The feeling is actual.”
“For all intense and purposes.”
“Are you sure ka na ba?”
“Can’t you just cut me some slacks?”
“Nothing in this world is perfect except the word “change”
“It’s a blessing in the sky.”
“Right there and right then.”
“You!!! You’re not a boy anymore! You’re a man anymore!”
“Out of fit ako these days eh…”
“Please me alone!”
‘It’s as brand as new.”
“So far, so good, so far.”
“Time is of the elements.”
“Forget it about it.”
“Give him the benefit of the daw.”
“First and for all.”
“Come, lets join us!”
“Bring down the house down!”
“Now and there.”
“I’m only human nature.”
“The sky’s the langit.”
“I’m the world champion of the World”
“Beneath the Belt”
“Rule of Hand…”

“Welcome for coming!”

These are just a few of the many (and funny) grammatical errors we see everyday. I’m not perfect, I say a crapload of errors but if you don’t know how to take a hint, just walk on.

For those who aspire to be in the same profession as we do, you have to study well and learn from the best – experience. Learn by doing and learn from mistakes. Do not be embarrassed, because at the end of the day, the most successful ones are the ones who have been defeated many times and have risen from the dirt.

“Can you repeat that for the second time around once more from the to

Here is a list of individuals, groups, organizations, team, etc of the ones I’ve worked before.

I recommend them with good faith as I have worked well with them during my stints and I find them professional, trust worthy, and highly skilled. This is not my final list, I will be updating this part of my site every now and then and I would be honored if you check in every now and then so please feel free to use and contact them

(Recommendations are in no particular order)















this image was downloaded from the internet.
this image was downloaded from the internet.

When I perform (hosting), I would always say the line “weddings are all the same…what makes each special is the love story behind it and the people you celebrate it with.” True to the fact that as a profession, you do the same thing over and over but every single time, it’s different. I’ve tried hosting A LOT of weddings in one venue, hosting the same format and program flow but the execution of each is taken by ear.

Another fact is that (especially in the Philippines) people in weddings aside from the bride and groom don’t really want to be put on the spot. This is why nobody takes the bouquet and garter toss seriously anymore, this tradition has lost its meaning. So to keep it real, and to maintain the tradition’s symbolism, modern-day receptions have replaced it with games and activities. This is where I feel I am best at that no matter how conservative or traditional (or sorry to say, boring) the guest crowd is, I can kick up the energy a notch.

…here is a suggestion for a wedding game or activity.

Grab That Banana

This game has been done numerous times and could pass as one of the most popular (and easiest game to play). It may seem a bit raunchy and naughty for a conservative crowd but once you get into the fun of it, you’ll eventually just laugh it off.

This is usually played with ladies after a gentleman has been singled out.

1. A gentleman will be asked to sit on a chair facing the audience with a blindfold and his hand at his back

2. A banana will be inserted between his thighs. The nearer the crotch area, the more fun it is.

3. The ladies will dance around the gentleman until the music stops. The goal of the game is for the ladies to dive in and bite off of the banana. First to do so gets to sit down and is spared.

4. When it is down to 2 ladies, we ask them “who wants it more?” This creates a secret twist that whoever gets the banana last IS and WILL be the singled-out lady to wear the garter from the bride.

I would always want the ladies and gentleman to mingle so any chance you get, have them introduce themselves to each other or have them speak unless they already know each other.

this image was downloaded on the internet

If you like what you’ve read, I got more ideas and will be posting more every now and then so don’t forget to follow me for more updates. I am always eager to help and be part of these occasions.

For more wedding-related (or even non-related) suppliers, contact us at http://www.blacktiemanila.com or contact me for consultation.

Being a host, I always get my audience involved. I engage them with the program. They are the program and their opinions will build a bigger stage for me to play in. The better their participation, the smoother my program can run.

So here’s a little clincher that I need to get an outside perspective from.

I grow my facial hair for so many reasons…actually I only (really) have two:
1. People do not take me as seriously because they think I look young(er). This is flattering considering my real age but imagine the disadvantage when I’m in front of clients. If my eyes aren’t expressive enough and not bring much wisdom, then where do I stand? This also surprises some people and get them curious eventually asking me how old I am. when I tell them, imagine the “aha!” moment.

2. I simply have chubby cheeks. With my genetically gifted body (sense the sarcasm), one can only manage so much. When all the fats have gone, my face (the cheeks especially) will still be there. The facial hair distracts the people from looking directly at it noticing my chipmunk cheeks. I was fit 2 years ago and it lasted for about 8 months more and it sucks but what can a middle-aged man do?

I’m also quite torn. Whether performing, hosting, or speaking with clients, people say that it is “corporate” to be neat, same as some women say clean and neat is always good. Then there are some who find the scruffy look more appealing, that it adds character to a person. The term “fear the beard” is not only to put terror on other people but I believe this as a difference in presence. Then again, there are my parents and wife saying that the ‘stache gives my baby facial rashes, when I kiss them it’s “itchy” on the face. It looks cool on photos, makes me look manly and adds a little something extra for my overall look. These things make it hard to decide…Plus, I forgot that it is tremendously painful to shave every after 2 days. Women who shave armpits and crotches will know this, so do men with my same dilemma. It is also expensive on razors.

So here we are. I need to know and basically just want to hear your opinions and suggestions on which is better. Lately, the facial hair has gained back its popularity and I was one of the blessed ones to be able to grow it. It is just difficult to keep up. I am the type who feels that I need to do something different with my look after (maximum) of 2 months.

Is it better grown and groomed or clean and shaved?

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Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2002 Nina Alagao made remarks on Toni Gonzaga hosting the recent Bb. Pilipinas Pageant

In the recent issue on the comments of Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2002 Nina Alagao kind of did a head-shot for host- Toni Gonzaga’s with how the seasoned host approached the pageant. Mixed reactions coming from the public was demonstrated on social media of course creating a fiasco between haters and fans.

As a host myself, I understand both Nina and Toni. Toni probably was being herself and possibly had gotten carried away with her efforts trying to help the contestants relax and entertaining the audience / viewers at the same time. Of course for some, the pageant is seen as classy and prestigeous, and the antics may not be completely appropriate for the occasion. Though there’s no harm in a little humor or putting a little touch of entertainment in the matter, it should be done classlily. How? That really depends on the situation. What Toni has done, has been done, and to her defense, if this approach was not the direction of the organizers, then they should have managed it somehow. In a way, I would rather put the pressure on the organizers for not seeing how this ended.

On the other hand, Nina’s comments also had good points. She might have bashed Toni somehow by stating some pasts facts but it was driving to the point that she might have been humiliating a contestant unknowingly and for a pageant. A lot of people might be sensitive about this which she (Toni) should have been aware of. To Toni’s fans, automatically it became offensive though we all know that they’re fans and it is a natural reaction just by saying something about their idol but they mostly missed the facts and points Nina mentioned – that these weren’t personal attacks but remarks based on a performance which in the first place was inappropriate.

Putting on the shoes of a host has (almost) the same pressure of being the contestant. The difference is – there is no pressure in winning.

Everything that a host says in any event is crucial. One wrong prounciation and everybody notices. Not practicing your script well, the blocking and timing, the sequence most especially, makes a host truly unprofessional. So if people think it’s easy, it’s really not, but being invited to do the honors of hosting this prestigious event means you are worthy enough of class, talent/skill and credibility to pull it off. Basically, you are expected not to fail unlike the contestants that are trained and still young and still have a lot to learn. I doubt that there is a professional beauty pageant contestant.

Bottomline, there is no perfect contestant. If there were, then she’d be our hero to represent the country. Hosts are a totally different skillset and have other expectations. The pageant is not just a gig, it’s a privilege that you take seriously (not by taking away the fun factor but classily).

All I can say about this is, regardless of what you see or what we do, not everyone can host, definitely, not everyone can host-well. So just like Nina Alagao said, before we say or do anything, let’s do a self check. You can’t say your technique is bad form when you are not (and to some, never have) performing it yourself.

If I asked you, have you read so much in a few hours, you’d probably just laugh at me because I know a lot of you are bookworms. If I asked you though, have you read so much in a few hours…aloud…in public…in front of high achieving doctors and distiguished individuals, would you have the same reaction? 

I am proud for accomplishing such given the night of March 11, 2015. 

On the date I mentioned, I was referred by a highschool batchmate / friend, Donna to be the host of their self-organized event. Health & Lifestyle (or (H&L) is the only magazine for doctors, and this day recognized extraordinary individuals, groups and organizations that advocate a healthy lifestyle – The Exemplar Awards 2015. 

It was a night of celebrating and recognizing outstanding achievers in their fields and advocacy in bringing information and education to the public on a better lifestyle. It was an honor to have been a part of it. 

Words may not be enough to explain or honor these idividuals (group and organizations)  on the work they do to help other people and the industry but I did so in introducing them. I literaly did. Normally, I’d be asked to adlib or get spontaneous but that night was information-filled, a bit too much of what I could probably handle. I was responsible for a script filled with important names and terminologies (some of which I couldn’t even pronounce) that I had to perform (not just read out) so we don’t bore the audience to death. Being an announcer (before) and an experienced voice-over talent, I used everything I’ve got. I had to stress out items, sound off intonation for lines and read out things with modulated voice, and did I mention I had to perform this and not just read out? 

I’m used to speaking with long durations in a program but reading off of a script was a challenge. It requires mental focus a good, consistent pace in breathing and a lot more of both. A program, as I’ve mentioned in my other blog posts is chaotic, especially if it involves impromptu guests and changes in lineup of the program. These elements were also present and made it more challenging. Something that I’m also used to, but combining all those were a level up for me…ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I was at some point losing some of the pronounciations of names, terms and words but stammering and coming back to your mistakes will just make me look unprofessional. Most of the time, with a program like this, guests attention are not 100% so I left the event seemingly unscathed. There may be other people who could’ve pulled it off better but for me, it was an experience I can definitely learn from. I’m just glad my experience as a host helped my composure, my mental awareness and endurance to get through it. These things help me become better, experiencing these give me an edge to those who get it easy. 

At the end of the night, I was met with smiles, a lot of handshakes and “good job” congratulations. It feels good that it was still appreciated and had good feedback. I rated my own performance about 70% that night but the reactions and feedback made me rethink. Screw that, I prefer the smiles and handshakes. It feels good to be appreciated. It motivates me to be at my best all the time.

Congratulations again to the FAME team and thank you for having me. I hope to work with guys again.

If you have worked with me before, you might have heard me say that I have tried to avoid wedding gigs because I (used to) dread them. The intimacy and close-personal relationship of the guests to each other challenges me and basically, I thought I just didn’t want to ruin a family occasion. Ones that are recorded on video, ones that you bring along your memory until you grow old….”that’s the host that screwed up my wedding” type of thing.

Lately, I seem to have grown passed that and if you’ve also read my other blog entries, I’m beginning to enjoy it. It just dawned on me that I was actually the one creating the moments. I AM THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES (pardon the shameless plugging). Regardless of how a bride and a wedding planner envisions the event, it is up to me how to make it better…or worse. The timing, the lines I say, that mostly are spontaneous, create these moments, and I just thank the Big Guy up there for giving me this talent (if any) to do somethingnreally special formother people.

Yesterday, March 14 2015, I celebrated with the Pizzaro family. It was yet a hurdle I haven’t passed through in my life. It wasn’t the usual wedding, or a corporate party. They were celebrating a surprise party for Jessie Pizzaro on his 60th.

Remember when I said how I used to dread intimate occasions? This is a very good example. It was a very tight crowd of 30 guests consisting of family and close friends. With that much people, messing up a portion or sequence is highly noticeable. In a crowd of a thousand, I can create an illusion that I am staring at each one of them and engaging everyone. With a smaller crowd, I had to try to satisfy each one (or so I thought I should). I’m quite critical on myself and my performance. I have a certain level of quality that I expect from my profession especially with myself. If I had 1000 guests, I want to make sure they listen. All the more pressure to keep the attention of 30 guests, like in statistics, the smaller the quantity, the higher ratio of proportion is expected. I am quite used to adlibs but people are different from each other and like/dislike different things.

So as I was hoping, guests could arrive before the surprise so I can whip up a pretty good spiel. I was also praying that the guests were game enough to participate. Both were tough on me. Though part of me was really expecting that older people won’t really be as game, I just really wanted everyone to have fun. So I did my usual adlib punchlines, people laughed. When I asked them to say something special for Jessie, our celebrant, they did, and it was quite touching because Jessie was a crowd favorite. A Pieces if you are familar with the traits are very loyal. They pick the right people to be with and make them feel as comfortable as much as they can. They take emotions of their friends as their own and empathize soemtimes way too much. This was what I noticed evryone was telling him as they greeted him a happy birthday. When I finally got to warm up, I forgot all my worries. Everything went well.

Then we played some games.

Just like children’s games, I wanted them to enjoy each others’ company. The things you don’t usually do, these same things that you spend with friends and let you go out of your comfort zones are experiences never forgotten. I knew most of them are shy, even with incentives but the power of love and fun can change things and I hope I was able create this memorable moment with them. This I believe is what party should be all about…not the bass.

I have overcome 2 things that day. 1. I won’t doubt myself of screwing up a momentous occasion. I realized that as long as I stick with my objective of bringing memorable moments to my client friends, there’s nothing more special I can offer..and 2. Smaller crowds should not scare me anymore for the same reason as #1. I passed that hurdle lighthearted. I am lucky to be in the presence of a family that truly cares for someone and that I think was the highlight of my day.

To Jessie, a happy 60th and I wish you good health and wonderful company. To the Pizzaro family, thank you for the wonderful experience and for welcoming me to this occasion.

Affordable, discounted, free!

These are some of the words that make the rest of the world blur out when we see it. As a consumer, a client or a customer, we are always on our toes for the best deal to get our money’s worth.

Last night, something dawned on me, something I never thought would happen. I went out with my colleagues to my brother’s (Jc) burger joint, the Bad Boys of Burger- The Burgery. On the same night, our other friends came over to hangout with my brother. I, of course came over to say hi and chatted a bit. On one topic, one of our friends Rj Bautista, (RP bowling team champion) mentioned that he suggested me to their friends who were about to get married. He followed up with a side story – they researched about me, probably googled my name to checkout my credentials. I was not aware that since I put up this blog site (moxxthehost.wordpress.com), my street creds sky-rocketed. The last time I googled myself, I only came up with JC de Vera articles and photos. My Instagram account, facebook (private) profile, youtube web shows and other videos and photos were now available.

With all this, and maybe if they had discovered my affiliation with my brother, made me look unaffordable. I mean, I don’t even have a fancy website nor a following. How could I possibly be expensive to hire?

As a professional talent, we’d normally gauge our rate depending on the skill set needed and how in-demand we are. If I get double booked on the same day, I can dictate my rate as how we learned it in economics supply and demand. The more skills or talent or time required of us, we might need to charge extra. For the celebrities who use themselves as property ambassadors, anytime an entity will use their name, appearance, talent for profit gain can charge a good amount. Usually if there are record labels, network management, or sponsors involved. I do not (but I wish I did) take any part of that.


To tell you all honestly, and this is not in any way selling myself short, I am affordable. I am not a seasoned emcee and I do not categorize myself as that yet. What I can tell you is I am not cheap either. Cheap and affordable are two different things. I mentioned in my earlier blog entry (see What Makes a Good Host / Emcee) that a talent is not an element you want to invest in last. Hiring someone cheap or asking a friend to do this for you have different results that hiring a professional. I am not well-known to charge so much but I’m not just someone who you grab out of a crowd and force to talk as a favor either.

I do my job passionately because I like being in the spotlight. It may not be my story but all eyes are on me for just about the time I have the microphone.

To some, a hosting job is just a way to earn money. When you do it so often and for too long, you forget the magic of the disappearing people beyond the spotlight.

At the end of the day, whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee or a freelancing professional, you should know your market value, your worth. This is how you work your way up the ladder unless you have no ambitions.