In the Eye of the Beholder

Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2002 Nina Alagao made remarks on Toni Gonzaga hosting the recent Bb. Pilipinas Pageant

In the recent issue on the comments of Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2002 Nina Alagao kind of did a head-shot for host- Toni Gonzaga’s with how the seasoned host approached the pageant. Mixed reactions coming from the public was demonstrated on social media of course creating a fiasco between haters and fans.

As a host myself, I understand both Nina and Toni. Toni probably was being herself and possibly had gotten carried away with her efforts trying to help the contestants relax and entertaining the audience / viewers at the same time. Of course for some, the pageant is seen as classy and prestigeous, and the antics may not be completely appropriate for the occasion. Though there’s no harm in a little humor or putting a little touch of entertainment in the matter, it should be done classlily. How? That really depends on the situation. What Toni has done, has been done, and to her defense, if this approach was not the direction of the organizers, then they should have managed it somehow. In a way, I would rather put the pressure on the organizers for not seeing how this ended.

On the other hand, Nina’s comments also had good points. She might have bashed Toni somehow by stating some pasts facts but it was driving to the point that she might have been humiliating a contestant unknowingly and for a pageant. A lot of people might be sensitive about this which she (Toni) should have been aware of. To Toni’s fans, automatically it became offensive though we all know that they’re fans and it is a natural reaction just by saying something about their idol but they mostly missed the facts and points Nina mentioned – that these weren’t personal attacks but remarks based on a performance which in the first place was inappropriate.

Putting on the shoes of a host has (almost) the same pressure of being the contestant. The difference is – there is no pressure in winning.

Everything that a host says in any event is crucial. One wrong prounciation and everybody notices. Not practicing your script well, the blocking and timing, the sequence most especially, makes a host truly unprofessional. So if people think it’s easy, it’s really not, but being invited to do the honors of hosting this prestigious event means you are worthy enough of class, talent/skill and credibility to pull it off. Basically, you are expected not to fail unlike the contestants that are trained and still young and still have a lot to learn. I doubt that there is a professional beauty pageant contestant.

Bottomline, there is no perfect contestant. If there were, then she’d be our hero to represent the country. Hosts are a totally different skillset and have other expectations. The pageant is not just a gig, it’s a privilege that you take seriously (not by taking away the fun factor but classily).

All I can say about this is, regardless of what you see or what we do, not everyone can host, definitely, not everyone can host-well. So just like Nina Alagao said, before we say or do anything, let’s do a self check. You can’t say your technique is bad form when you are not (and to some, never have) performing it yourself.

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