Wedding Games and Ideas!

this image was downloaded from the internet.
this image was downloaded from the internet.

When I perform (hosting), I would always say the line “weddings are all the same…what makes each special is the love story behind it and the people you celebrate it with.” True to the fact that as a profession, you do the same thing over and over but every single time, it’s different. I’ve tried hosting A LOT of weddings in one venue, hosting the same format and program flow but the execution of each is taken by ear.

Another fact is that (especially in the Philippines) people in weddings aside from the bride and groom don’t really want to be put on the spot. This is why nobody takes the bouquet and garter toss seriously anymore, this tradition has lost its meaning. So to keep it real, and to maintain the tradition’s symbolism, modern-day receptions have replaced it with games and activities. This is where I feel I am best at that no matter how conservative or traditional (or sorry to say, boring) the guest crowd is, I can kick up the energy a notch.

…here is a suggestion for a wedding game or activity.

Grab That Banana

This game has been done numerous times and could pass as one of the most popular (and easiest game to play). It may seem a bit raunchy and naughty for a conservative crowd but once you get into the fun of it, you’ll eventually just laugh it off.

This is usually played with ladies after a gentleman has been singled out.

1. A gentleman will be asked to sit on a chair facing the audience with a blindfold and his hand at his back

2. A banana will be inserted between his thighs. The nearer the crotch area, the more fun it is.

3. The ladies will dance around the gentleman until the music stops. The goal of the game is for the ladies to dive in and bite off of the banana. First to do so gets to sit down and is spared.

4. When it is down to 2 ladies, we ask them “who wants it more?” This creates a secret twist that whoever gets the banana last IS and WILL be the singled-out lady to wear the garter from the bride.

I would always want the ladies and gentleman to mingle so any chance you get, have them introduce themselves to each other or have them speak unless they already know each other.

this image was downloaded on the internet

If you like what you’ve read, I got more ideas and will be posting more every now and then so don’t forget to follow me for more updates. I am always eager to help and be part of these occasions.

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