Pinoy Wrong Grammer

Filipinos are known as great English-speaking people. Ruled previously by different races, we still ended up Americanized in so many ways. We don’t use English as our first language definitely but even the uneducated has been so influenced by media that it’s less of a challenge. On the other hand, there are still a few kinks they need to fix.

With the birth of social media, people got more influenced with peers. English being a universal language and a measure of social status, the different social classes speak up and share their thoughts on various things online, sometimes going a little too far in “trying hard” to cope with the pressure of the status quo.

Here are some lines I got from the internet that are usually and commonly used incorrectly:

“Get the most of both worlds.”
“Well well well. Look do we have here!”
“One of these days is not like the other.”
“Can you repeat it once again?”
“Mukhang haggard-looking.”
“Do you have more brighter ideas?”
“Let’s give them a big hand of applause.”
“You want to have your cake and bake it too.”
“The more the manyer.”
“So… what’s a beautiful girl like you?…

“It’s a no-win-win situation.”
“Hello, my boss is out of town. Would you like to wait”
“What happened after the erection of Mayon Volcano?”
“That’s what I’m talking about it.”
“What are friends are for?”
“Burn the bridge when you get there.”
“What is the world is coming to?”
“You’re barking at the wrong dog.”
“Anulled and void.”
“Mute and academic.”
“Base-to-base casis.”
“My answers have been prayered.”
“The feeling is actual.”
“For all intense and purposes.”
“Are you sure ka na ba?”
“Can’t you just cut me some slacks?”
“Nothing in this world is perfect except the word “change”
“It’s a blessing in the sky.”
“Right there and right then.”
“You!!! You’re not a boy anymore! You’re a man anymore!”
“Out of fit ako these days eh…”
“Please me alone!”
‘It’s as brand as new.”
“So far, so good, so far.”
“Time is of the elements.”
“Forget it about it.”
“Give him the benefit of the daw.”
“First and for all.”
“Come, lets join us!”
“Bring down the house down!”
“Now and there.”
“I’m only human nature.”
“The sky’s the langit.”
“I’m the world champion of the World”
“Beneath the Belt”
“Rule of Hand…”

“Welcome for coming!”

These are just a few of the many (and funny) grammatical errors we see everyday. I’m not perfect, I say a crapload of errors but if you don’t know how to take a hint, just walk on.

For those who aspire to be in the same profession as we do, you have to study well and learn from the best – experience. Learn by doing and learn from mistakes. Do not be embarrassed, because at the end of the day, the most successful ones are the ones who have been defeated many times and have risen from the dirt.

“Can you repeat that for the second time around once more from the to

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