Who Are Your Role Models?

We all have role models. The ones we look up to for different reasons.

I define mine as one who is selfless, persevering, and kind hearted. I would even say I’d like to be like them when I grow up. I want to be remembered as big people as they are. The work they do, the memories they create for other people, these are the type of legacies, I want to create in my timeline.

Among all the great and famous actors, one woneo-about-moneyuld not really look up to Keanu Reeves as easy. To their definition, they find Keanu’s acting style bland and linear kind of like Ben Affleck. I would say it’s a trademark. I’ve read so much articles about Keanu and his life story and it has made me look at the actor from a different light. It made me understand why he seems reserved and his smile so genuine. It made me appreciate when he’s “acting” because it is tremendously hard to portray roles that are happy or wild or something not remotely close to Keanu’s real life. If you take a look at one’s tragic life, acting would be the least thing you would probably do. With the things going on inside your head, how can you focus on your job and at the same time make it spectacular?

neo-professionallyAt age 50, he’s had more than enough tragedy to experience in 2 lifetimes. His father left him at age 4 and stopped speaking to him when he was 6. His family then kept moving around the country and so frequently that he had attended 4 different schools growing up and had a hard time because of his dyslexia. He has experienced death around him so frequently that he might have gotten used to it by now. He got married and had a child die pre-birth, after which a few years his own wife followed through a tragic car accident. His best friend Joaquin Phoenix died of drug overdose in 1993.

He now walks among the people with the biggest heart. Despite his life tragedies, he cares the least about money. He shares this with whomever needs it most. There was this one report that he donated $20,000 to a crew in need of this. He was also reported to have donated $80,000 to his staff and cgi artists in his blockbuster movie The Matrix that yielded around $114,000  at the time. He also sacrificed part of his own fee to increase the offers to names such as Al Pacino and Gene Hackman just to be able to cast them in his movies such as The Devil’s Advocate and The Replacements respectively.

Aside from this, numerous occasions where commuters would steal a video of Keanu while riding the bus or train. One popular viral video went around of him giving up his seat for a lady with a gym bag without hesitation. Some other reports say that during his birthday, he would buy a cake for himself, sit in a public park and share it with people who pass by and make conversations with anyone. Is there anything else I can add to this to make him a modern-day hero than he already is?

I’m sure there are other stand-up guys out there but you can only count selfless people with a level of popularity as Keanu. He started way back from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and has made his way to different action, comedy and dramas. You would think he’d be lying on money but truth be told, he prefers to share it with people.

When we die, the riches are useless. The rewards are our legacy and our gains in heaven.

Read more about him through this article and link:


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