As mere mortals where (barely) nothing lasts forever, we run scared of losing something dear to us. We anger ourself and look for something rational to blame. 

Technically, love cannot (and really, should not) be measured. We know the term unconditional love but we rationalize this, being mortals that we are, and compartmentalize its existence in our lives. What we give and recieve is no longer “unconditional” because of the complication from the concept of free will. We start to factor in our life which inhibits us from loving unconditionally or believing such exists. Mothers may give unconditional love but (some) may still have inner emotional battles depending on a circumstance that is complicated, we weigh-in the pros and cons.

We can be truly free from the IFs and BUTs of our complexed existence and love unconditionally when we start to accept our lives has been written and everything we own is only “borrowed”.

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Have you ever been stuck in rut and thought to yourself where you are headed when you thought to have had a plan? Don’t stress. We lose sight of the path because of the length of our journey but focusing on the prize and our objectives will bring us back to the right path. 

If you want the best, not mediocre, you need to see it from all angles, perfect it, make it seamless. FINISH the plan from step 1 to the last. You’ll know when it’s ready. 

Be patient, the best has always yet to come. 

“Stop challenging fate as it has already been written. You are most likely to lose. 

Best you can do is accept the card that you’ve been dealt with and device a way to keep happy in the process.”

We are sentimental beings and because of our emotions, our judgement is clouded thus affecting how we function as humans. 

Some of us are “go-getters”, agressive, control-freaks and we can’t help the insatiable desire to reach our goals or aspirations but through hogher powers, I believe we exist with a destiny lined up. We all move in a constant web of instances that lead to one end. Our existence is a chain of events that we have to live through like a “choose your own adventure” kind of book. We were given free will to live out our choices but the end result is the same. Sad to say but in junction with this, some are destined to meet the maker sooner whether it be self inflicted or through an outside force. Everything happens for a reason and has been written. We have the power to live it with choices we make. 

This said, let us live life to the fullest but with the proper choices. Accept whatever fate we have and let life run its course. It is no one’s fate to live poor, sad and unhealthy and the power of FREE+WILL helps us get through it. Choose to be better, choose to be happy, choose to be healthy because when we end, nothing and everything matters. 

…oh but it is…

I’ve seen a lot of post on Facebook lately touching on the topic “Where did all the good men go…” which got me thinking, these women have no clue that their answer to that does not come with a box of requirements. Fact of the matter is that these women are probably too busy looking when they also don’t have a clue what they are searching for. Keyword: clueless.

Most women with strong personalities know what they want, what type of man they are on the lookout for. If the men they prefer are somewhat like them, then they are probably in the right place to search, then again there are some who scream “scarcity!” in that department.

Just to fully relate specifically on circumstances I’ve stumbled upon, women who have failed relationships over and over are the ones who actually say this. They are victims of unrequited love or sometimes taken for granted or the like. They often get attracted to men who “need help” or for better lack of words, losers. As part of the male species, I feel shame for my fellow-man who are in a relationship but not on top of it. Chivalry is not dead, it is just absent in selected few. Going back, the men who creates a total imbalance in the relationship is the reason women think there’s scarcity. There are a lot of  sausages but few are really franks. Women, (and this can be totally applied vice versa as well) being more emotionally affectionate have what I call the “Evangelist-Savior Complex”. It’s not a medical (psychological) term and I just made it up but for discussion, here’s what it is:

It is the perpetual attraction to someone who needs help or is attractive because of his/her weaknesses. This person has the insatiable desire to be the one to make the other finally happy or successful. This challenges them and continually motivates them.

These women/men will later regret since their chosen partner has weaker will than them. Then the “where did all the good men go..” line becomes tomorrows headline again.

One truth is, good men and women want to settle down because they are high achievers, the go-getters and you will find them in places that have good vibes and where education and self-development takes place, travelling, the office (or busy working), some are mostly at home resting or kicking back with something that makes them even better people. Some express themselves in different ways, you’ll find them immersed in arts, music, sports…I’m not saying good guys that are not in these that I’ve mentioned are not great. Then again, when you ask women/men what their hearts say, you’ll notice a pattern and it does fall in the same space of what I just mentioned.

When women/men want to distract themselves, they go to places where getting into ones personal bubble is fairly easy, getting to know at the 2nd level is not always required and this is NOT just about bars and clubs. Think about it.

A friend also commented on a post that good men that are hard to find are all over the religious groups. The opposite sex sometimes don’t easily get attracted with them since they don’t easily show qualities dictated by media. Not because they are in harmony with their religion means thats all they do. Admit it, you think the naughty stuff is cool to some extent and you want that first before you settle with someone who has already let go of worldly and Godly things.

Lastly, the most common reason they can’t find Mr. Right is the ever popular – “friendzone”. Both men and women will deny ever condemning an opposite sex to the friendzone. Some do this unintentionally  but because people have standards never care to look deeper. Do you know why the underdog story is always popular? Because underdogs are hungrier, they are willing to give everything and charge it to experience.   The people who have had the most and worst rejections are often the most successful. When the underdogs finally figure it out, they have limitless experience and knowledge at their disposal.

I’m sure there are arguable points here and a lot more reasons but a blog can only handle so much. Feel free to agree, disagree, argue or share your own insights.

As a professional, and I’m sure everyone would like to be regarded as one of high class, it is always common courtesy to return/answer a missed call or a text message regardless of its intent. 

You may not always want what’s in store for you on the other end of the line but you are skilled and classy enough to manage it. 

There would be times that we get so busy in life that we forget to respond to important messages. This is just one of the things going on with a professional’s daily grind. We would also be caught doing something important that we need to keep our gadgets and this delays responses to emails, calls and text messages. Most of the time, especially during work hours/days, this can be critical. There are also times these are just personal messages we did not intend to miss.

The reason behind returning a call or SMS, or better yet, answering them is simple: because it might be important. If you were on the other end of the trail, you would hate to be left hanging. You would definitely hate being ignored and this gives you more reason to be responsible in managing these whenever possible. 

How would you feel if in the biggest presentation of your life, your partner didn’t get to print hardcopies for your client, you call the office for backup but nobody answers. You call your partner and doesn’t pick up? Or the only way you can get a client’s answer is through email and you need their answer in the next two hours and get no response. A minute lasts like eternity, right? 

Whatever the reason may be, there is a need to pickup a call, SMS, email, etc or get back as soon as possible. If you are smart and classy enough, you will be able to handle even the worst situation and come out relieved. 

We are professionals, ones of high class. Let us always act like one.