FATE: Philosophies

“Stop challenging fate as it has already been written. You are most likely to lose. 

Best you can do is accept the card that you’ve been dealt with and device a way to keep happy in the process.”

We are sentimental beings and because of our emotions, our judgement is clouded thus affecting how we function as humans. 

Some of us are “go-getters”, agressive, control-freaks and we can’t help the insatiable desire to reach our goals or aspirations but through hogher powers, I believe we exist with a destiny lined up. We all move in a constant web of instances that lead to one end. Our existence is a chain of events that we have to live through like a “choose your own adventure” kind of book. We were given free will to live out our choices but the end result is the same. Sad to say but in junction with this, some are destined to meet the maker sooner whether it be self inflicted or through an outside force. Everything happens for a reason and has been written. We have the power to live it with choices we make. 

This said, let us live life to the fullest but with the proper choices. Accept whatever fate we have and let life run its course. It is no one’s fate to live poor, sad and unhealthy and the power of FREE+WILL helps us get through it. Choose to be better, choose to be happy, choose to be healthy because when we end, nothing and everything matters. 

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