Random Thought on Love

As mere mortals where (barely) nothing lasts forever, we run scared of losing something dear to us. We anger ourself and look for something rational to blame. 

Technically, love cannot (and really, should not) be measured. We know the term unconditional love but we rationalize this, being mortals that we are, and compartmentalize its existence in our lives. What we give and recieve is no longer “unconditional” because of the complication from the concept of free will. We start to factor in our life which inhibits us from loving unconditionally or believing such exists. Mothers may give unconditional love but (some) may still have inner emotional battles depending on a circumstance that is complicated, we weigh-in the pros and cons.

We can be truly free from the IFs and BUTs of our complexed existence and love unconditionally when we start to accept our lives has been written and everything we own is only “borrowed”.

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