View from the Spotlight (Blogs)

How does it feel when all eyes are on you?

In a bwsea of people watching in the audience, the first thing that I usually ask myself  when I start speaking is –  “are they listening?” The challenge is getting their attention, the next step is to keep it. If I can do that, then I am mission accomplished.

I have not always been the type that is the “center of attraction”. Back in elementary and secondary school, I thought I wanted to be that, I just weren’t cut out for it. I played music, sang in a band that had no guidance and direction then. I tried sports but had no proper support and self-motivation. I also got into acting and TVC’s but there was always someone better. There was always a favorite and I would always wonder what they had that I didn’t. I never want to kiss-ass just to get a part or to be preferred. I just wasn’t the conformist. When I got older, I’ve had several rejections. A little too much even. I persistently pursued my passion (music) like a rebel and defied what I thought that time were ill-advised suggestions for my career / life. I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t always right either. I found myself in a constant battle with myself and often times questioning my value. It just wasn’t for me. I thought I would try something else and grew determined and focused on one particular skill I thought (or knew I was good at), talking. When I started getting noticed, it hit me that it was a strength I needed to develop. A skill that not all people have. Something that can set me apart from the rest.

I got into all sorts of media. I have been on television, radio, prints and yet somehow, these never lasted long for me to gain ground. With all the missed opportunities, I became weary this might not be for me. The clamor for the spotlight was too distant to reach.

I got into radio through the recommendation of a good friend. Like I said, it didn’t last long but it lead me to another venture that progressed to a point I never expected. I started hosting events and for 4 years now I have never felt tired enough to pass on a gig. 6 years later, I am went full-time as a professional host / emcee and voice talent and delved into different use of my voice (dubbing, event voice over, recording, public speaking, etc).

I have learned a lot through the years. I made some mistakes, everybody does, and these were ones that I learned by myself. So far, I may have a consistent performance through the years. I haven’t heard any bad review or feedback from clients, maybe a suggestion or advice from good people, nothing more. I have proven to myself that this is something that I can do for a long time but I have yet to prove myself further and become the best in my craft.

Maybe not everyone can do it and only the ones I look up to can do it better? I don’t know. What I do know is with every show, I give my best shot regardless of how big my fee is, I never downplay, even with the worst crowd. I kick the intensity up until it’s over and still share a smile afterwards. The pleasure and rewards I get from this career is priceless, and it’s not even about the money yet. I get recommendations and compliments almost every time and the honor of seeing the happy faces of entertained clients is far more precious than my actual fee.

I am a Master of Ceremonies, this is my gift and curse – memories I’m making are not mine to keep. I take the stage by storm front and center but truly, I am just at the sidelines. It is not about me. The spotlight is on me and I barely see the faces in the crowd and they’ll barely remember my name.

This is what I do and what this site is all about.

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