Your voice is a powerful tool that can create and destroy at the same time. A simple word you speak can send love, yet another can also hurt. Communication if used properly can win a war, bridge gaps, close deals, motivate, save a life. How we use it is a big responsibility.

Speaking in front of people is not an easy feat. Not everyone can do this or was born to do so, but it can be learned. It is a talent that is innate with most of us but needs to be drawn out properly to become a honed skill.

I have founded this workshop under the best and the worst circumstances. Yes, the worst.

You learn from your smallest to greatest failures more


than your successes. If you learn how to motivate yourself back from what you did not achieve and use that knowledge to conquer the steps you did not do correctly, you are on your way to the top. If you’ve read my bio on my home page, I started my career as a failed talent, a commercial actor who got 1 successful TV commercial project in 7 years. I was given an opportunity to be a radio DJ on Mellow 94.7 FM when someone saw potential, and from there, I was given my first few hosting gigs. Watching from the best, learning from the worst, I worked my way up. 7 years later, I’ve had a fair share of embarrassment, learning, the feeling of digging in deep and crawling in sand just to survive. One thing I take pride in which I want to share, is my richness…in experience. Now I to properly schedule myself to even reserve the dates for these sessions because I’m booked to the brim. I have yet to learn more but what I do know, I willingly want to share with you.

Learn how I learned it without going through it the hard way. Go through the process I went through and walk out the building with confidence knowing that you are not impervious to mistakes but know better how to handle it with the least amount of pressure.


YOUR INNER VOICE is a hosting and motivational workshop that can build you up and boost you to first gear on what you need to know and prepare yourself for to become a good – responsible public speaker.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the following


Proper pronunciation, pace and intonation
Modulation of voice
Pauses, rhythm of speech


Conversational tenses
Proper use of idioms


How to find your adlibs
Connecting with your audience
How to beat stage fright
Stage presence
Voice Over basics
Hosting Ethics
Body Language


IMG_1399This is a 2 – day session of activities where you can learn from lectures, simulations, performances and critical observation of others all for you to learn from.

Take advantage of workshops like this because I learned it the hard way. There were not much available workshops like these that helped me learn. There was no Youtube I can refer to, no blogs and articles I can read. I had to watch others’ performances and learn from their and my mistakes as well. I don’t want you to go through that! Cut the process short and jump in.

The decision is always YOURS

After these 2 days, I will tell you that YOU will not be a host yet. YOU have to feel the pressure because that’s how diamonds are found. YOU need to study what needs to be studied, YOU need to know what that embarrassing moment feels like and YOU are also the one who needs to learn from it. What I can give you is something to recall and realize after YOU have undergone all those.

This is truly a YOU effort. inner voice facts

No matter how much you pay, how long we teach or what tips we give, if YOU don’t know how to apply what you learned and gain from the experience, you will not develop anything. COMMIT to the workshop and trust yourself to go through the process.

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Workshop Price:
P7,000 all-in!     
Inclusive of lunch, afternoon snacks, and the workshop kit.

Workshop Dates
Batch 2:         April 14 & 15
Batch 3:         May 5 & 6

2019 Pelbel Bldg 1, unit 210
Shaw Blvd, Brgy Oranbo,
Pasig City
(Landmark: Ambers)

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